Woman ‘screams hysterically’ as savage pit pull rips apart her tiny dog in park

A woman ‘screamed hysterically’ as a large pit bull savaged her tiny dog.

Nilufer Kocabas had taken her Cavapoocho, called Yellow, on a walk in the Islington area of London when it was attacked without reason.

She told MyLondon : “This guy with two dogs approached from one side and one of the dogs didn’t have a leash so he just ran towards my dog.

“The guy screamed at me ‘pick your dog from the floor’, so basically he knows that his dog attacks small dogs, but there was not enough time.

“The dog that was off the lead picked my dog from the back. I don’t know how long but it was quite a long time he was in his mouth.”

Nilufer (Nilly) felt completely “helpless” and screamed because she thought her two-year-old dog was dead.

The owner of the other dogs eventually managed to get his dog to release Yellow.

The distraught woman said: “At the moment, I don’t remember how, my dog fell to the floor and I just grabbed him from the floor and ran to the other side.

“He was bleeding. I was just hysterical. I completely lost it, it was so shocking.”

She added: “You can’t blame the dog breed, but the owner. It’s a warning that big dogs shouldn’t be off the lead. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, this could have been a child.”

Nilly said people nearby and neighbours came to help in the wake of the attack last week.

She added: “The community has been really nice and supportive.”

Yellow was taken to the vet where he underwent surgery and was monitored for a week.

Nilly hopes to bring him home tomorrow, but is now faced with a £7,000 vet bill.

She does have insurance, but this will only cover £3,000 of the total amount.

The dog owner has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise cash to help her cover the costs.

She said: “The emotional side is quite intense, [and the] financial worry adds on to it. It’s a weird thing to ask for money, I feel a bit guilty or weird.

“When I have a bit of a healthy mind I want to think how I can proceed so this doesn’t happen again [to someone else].”

The Met Police said: “Police were contacted on the morning of Tuesday, 11 October, by a woman who reported that her dog had been attacked by another dog in Mildmay Park, Islington.

“Officers took a statement from the woman and are carrying out enquiries to establish the circumstances. There have been no arrests.”